National Waterproof Members of America is a subsidiary of Waterproof LLC, the Nation’s largest distributor of professional basement waterproofing supplies. Our goal is to assemble a database of modern waterproofing contractors with both technical skills and experience using hybrid solutions for today’s construction methods. website was developed to elevate contractors ability to reach out to their community with their specific basement waterproofing services.

Basement Waterproofing Company

National Waterproof Members of America was created for skilled, professional basement waterproofing contractors dedicated to drying up wet, leaky basements across the United States. NWMOA contractors offer the latest technology and innovation in the basement waterproofing industry, back with over 35 years of experience. Their goal is to provide a permanent solutions to wet, leaky basements. NWMOA contractors are skilled members using the most reliable and trusted waterproofing products on the market today! Find an NWMOA contractor in your neighborhood today!