NWMOA Member will diagnose your wet basement and custom-tailor a solution that’s right for you!

Every NWMOA Member carries a full array of professional basement waterproofing systems giving them the ability to create a custom solution to your wet basement. NWMOA Member will begin by identifying the source of your basement water to determine the ideal remedy. NWMOA Members offer three levels of basement waterproofing systems from an above floor channel to subfloor drain tile system and much more!

wet basement
  • Hybrid subfloor drain tile
  • Above floor baseboard channel
  • Rugged footer system
  • Powerful sump pump solutions
  • Intelligent high water alarm
  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Exterior water management

Why your basement leaks?

Surface water collects and builds up in a pocket around the foundation causing hydrostatic pressure. Water is then forced through the joint where the floor and wall meet, known as the cold-joint. When a water problem is left untreated, hydrostatic pressure will begin to force water up through floor cracks causing a serious seepage problem.